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I LOVE music. I love creating and performing it, but even more, I love helping to finalize it. Standing between your final mix and release-ready music is the Mastering stage. It gets less creative and more technical in this realm, requiring a set of complementary skills, and that is why I chose to focus my efforts here. It may seem like magic to some, but it takes an objective ear and the know-how of the right tools to effectively master music.


I've treated and designed my studio to deliver an objective listening environment, have spent the money on the tools to get the best results, and have spent the time learning how to use those tools to really bring your track(s) to life! Your music will be LOUD and CRISP, and will sound radio-ready after mastering.


In addition to my technical skillset, you also get a second pair of seasoned ears on that mix you're so proud of. I will listen to your songs objectively, determine if there will be any problems within the mastering stage, and work WITH you to help get your music the best it can be!


If you think you're ready for Mastering, Contact us below!

If you're not entirely sure what's needed to prep your songs for Mastering, download our PDF checklist!

Although not my primary focus of this studio, yet, I'm happy to do some Mixing upon request. I am constantly improving my skills as a mix engineer when I'm not busy Mastering, and soon enough I will offer this service full-time. That being said...

So you've recorded all your individual tracks and now it's time to make them fit together. This is where I come in.


Arguably one of the most challenging aspects of Mixing is getting all the instruments to fit together like a puzzle, where none of them are interfering with each other, and each track can be heard clearly and shine through. That's where the Mixing process begins.

From there I apply reverbs, delays, automation, saturation and all the other creative aspects that makes a track come alive.

I'll work with you to get your desired sound and help fulfill your vision of what your track can become. It's not enough to just use the tools, but to interpret them with your ideas in mind is what sets F4 Studios apart.




    F4 Studios is run by Frank Warman, a small-town engineer capable of achieving big-city results. Having studied Music at the University of Western Ontario, and graduated the award-winning Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College, he is qualified to tackle any project thrown his way. 


    Being a musician himself for more than 15 years, the process of recording and releasing music is anything but foreign to him. Specializing in mastering your songs to perfection, he is also no stranger to mixing in a multiple DAWs. 


    Previously he has worked as a Live-Sound Engineer, Audio Production Tech, Stage-Hand, Carpenter, Commercial General Contractor, BBQ Chef, and line-cook, but has finally achieved his dream of opening his own music studio. Not afraid of hard-work, his motto is "Do what needs to be done".

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